Do you really know who you are dealing with?

Let us help you find out exactly who you are dealing with before signing contracts, taking on new vendors or clients, extending credit, hiring new employees or management, buying a property or a business, contemplating a merger, initiating international business activities or investing your hard earned money.   Our goal is to reduce your risk exposure and improve your decision making process by providing you with the most up-to-date and affordable information possible!  So whether you need a quick public record search, valuable corporate intelligence, a due diligence report, a business background investigation or litigation support ... consider contacting us.  We can help!   All inquiries and services are strictly confidential. 

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Let us help you fit the pieces of your puzzle together!

Reduce your risk exposure and improve your decision-making process.  Get ALL the information you need to protect yourself, your investments or your business! 

Environmental Spills

Many of our environmental investigations involve spills.  Where did it come from?  How did it happen?  Why did it happen?  Who did it?  Who should clean it up?  What can be done to prevent it from happening again?

Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Fraudsters can target anyone, anytime, anyplace.  Protect yourself and your business so that you are not their next target!

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a problem for many communities.  Who dumped it?  Why did they do it?  Who should clean it up?  How can we stop it from happening again? 

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Good intelligence allows us to make informed decisions.  Let our information specialists help you get the intelligence you need, where you need it and when you need it!

Due Diligence

Due diligence is always the first step to success!  Know who you are dealing with, verify the information at hand and discover hidden risks before making decisions.


When something doesn't feel right, money goes missing, deals go wrong or you just need to get the facts ... you may need to investigate further. Let our certified investigators help!


What's New


Enviro-Lynx Investigations has a new case management system designed to provide real-time tracking of investigations - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the News

'Professional Tenant' with Criminal History Exposed -This show provides a great overview of the risks facing landlords and tips to protect yourself.


Is Canada a haven for shell companies?  To read more, visit our BLOG and stay up-to-date with current events, useful tips and fraud prevention tools!

Public Records


Public record searches are the backbone of our business.  We utilize a variety of public sector and private sector resources as well as national and international databases to conduct public record searches on individuals and companies anywhere in the world. 

These searches can be conducted individually or as part of a background check, due diligence or business background investigation. The following is a shortlist of the public record searches that can be conducted on an individual and / or business entity:


    *  Telephone & Reverse Searches            *  Social Networking Searches

   *  Email Address Searches                       *  Professional Networking Searches

    *  Birth & Death Certificate Searches        *  Blog, Forum, Photo & Video Searches

    *  Marriage & Divorce Searches                *  News & Financial Media Searches

    *  Property Ownership Searches               *  Media Searches

    *  Property Assessment Searches             *  Thesis & Academic Paper Searches

    *  Bulk Sales Searches                             *  Watch List & Sanction Searches

    *  Small Claims Searches                         *  Wanted Person Searches

    *  Litigation Searches                              *  Sex offender Searches

    *  Estate & Will Searches                         *  HEIRS Searches

    *  Bankruptcy Searches                           *  Aerial Photo Search

    *  Criminal Case Searches                       *  Topographical Map Searches

    *  Legal Judgment Searches                     *  Fire Insurance Map Searches

    *  Lien Searches                                      *  Patent & Trademark Searches

    *  Judgment Searches                              *  Corporate Credit Checks

    *  Writ-of-Execution Searches                   *  Payment Profile Reports

    *  Drivers Abstract Searches                     *  Business Information Reports

    *  Media Searches                                     *  Corporate Ownership Searches

    *  Securities & Regulatory Searches          *  Corporate Affiliation Searches

    *  Business & Fictitious Name Searches    *  Corporate Profile & Entity Searches


It should be noted that these searches are subject to geographical availability as well as municipal, provincial, state or federal regulations.  Please contact our customer care department for more information on which searches can be conducted in your area. 


More Information

To obtain more information on any of our public record searches, please contact our client care department at

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