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Enviro-Lynx Investigations is a leading provider of specialized investigation services.  We specialize in international due diligence investigations, business background investigations, financial investigations, fraud investigation, online investigations and environmental investigations.  We also provide a full range of litigation support services.  We have been in business for more than 15 years, have offices in several locations around the globe and a 'customer first' approach to case management.  All of our investigators are Professional Certified Investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners or Certified International Investigators.  So if you find yourself in need of a professional investigator ... consider contacting us.  We can help!   All inquiries and services are strictly confidential. 

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Let us help you fit the pieces of your puzzle together!

Reduce your risk exposure and improve your decision-making process.  Get ALL the information you need to protect yourself, your investments or your business! 

Oil Spills

Many of our environmental investigations involve spills.  Where did it come from?  Why did it happen?  How did it happen?  Who did it?  Who should clean it up?  What can be done to prevent it from happening again?

Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Fraudsters can target anyone, anytime, anyplace.  Protect yourself and your business so that you are not their next target!

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a problem for us all.  Where did it come from?  Who did it?  Why did they do it?  Who should clean it up?  How can we stop it from happening again? 

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Good intelligence makes for informed decisions.  Let our information specialists help you get the intelligence you need, where you need it and when you need it!

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is always the first step to success!  Know who you are dealing with, verify the information at hand and discover hidden risks before making decisions.


When something doesn't feel right, money goes missing, deals go wrong or you just need to get the facts ... you may need to investigate further. Let our certified investigators help!


What's New


Enviro-Lynx Investigations was awarded the 2014 DUE DILIGENCE FIRM OF THE YEAR FOR CANADA AWARD and 2014 BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARD by Acquisition International.

Current Events

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Recent Events

Enviro-Lynx Investigations has a new case management system designed to provide real-time tracking of investigations - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fraud Investigations


Every day, articles appear in the newspaper telling us about small and large scale frauds that are perpetrated on unsuspecting individuals, small business and large companies.

Unfortunately, many victims of fraud could have protected themselves by exercising a little due diligence or by implementing some basic fraud prevention measures.

We offer several fraud prevention, fraud detection and fraud investigation services including but not limited to the following:


           *  Identify fraudulent scams, schemes and cons.

           *  Identify fraud related liabilities.

           *  Establish fraud prevention policies, procedures and controls.

           *  Conduct audits to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

           *  Identify and investigate fraudulent activities.

           *  Conduct interviews.

           *  collect evidence and analyze financial documents.

           *  Review internal control systems.

           *  Examine computer systems for fraudulent activities or security breaches.

           *  Provide litigation support in fraud related civil and criminal cases.


Certified Fraud Examiners

All consultations and fraud related investigations will be conducted by private investigators who are also Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE).  Our in-house CFE's are experienced in numerous fraud fields including embezzlement, theft, misappropriation of funds, financial statement fraud, real estate fraud, identity fraud, internet fraud, telemarketing fraud, pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes. 


Need More Information?

To obtain more information on any of our fraud investigation or fraud examination services, please contact our client care department at

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Proud Member of CPIO, ACFE, WAD, CII and ASIS